Our goal is to help you sell your house as quickly as possible by transforming your property into an eye catching showpiece. 

Home Staging Frequently Asked Questions

How does home staging help? 
Home buyers can’t always visualize themselves in a home. Vacant homes and overly personalized homes can be equally challenging. Professional home staging takes the guesswork out of how to furnish and live in a home by optimizing layouts and designs to show off a home’s potential and highlight architectural features and selling points. 85% of buyers find staged homes more appealing than their unstaged counterparts.

Is staging the same as interior design?
Absolutely not! Interior DESIGN focuses on “you”– what colors, styles, trends, personal achievements, treasured family memories, etc., you want to showcase. It is how your furniture lays out best for movie nights, family gatherings, multiple children studying at home, and cooking dinner on the fly. STAGING focuses on “everyone else” and making the house as neutral and appealing to as many people in your key buyer demographic as possible. Staging showcases how someone else can enjoy living in the home. 

How important is staging to on-line photos?
How important is peanut butter to jelly? One can stand alone but together, they are an absolute dynamic duo and definitely bring out the best in each other. 95% of buyers start their home search on-line, most on a smart phone. Effective staging reduces visual clutter in these pics and uses furnishings and décor to highlight the key architectural features of a home without being distracting. 

Why should I bother painting/replacing floors/changing light fixtures/etc. if a buyer is going to just want to customize the home to their tastes anyway?
Cosmetic enhancements (most particularly a fresh coat of paint!) are the best ways to freshen up a home and make it more competitive with the newer homes on the market. Paint specifically is like “money in a can” when it comes to refreshing a home’s appearance. Different colors/flooring chop up the interior of a home making it feel smaller, more cluttered, and dated compounding the feelings of “work” required before a buyer can confidently feel at home. A single neutral color palette and flooring scheme will appeal more to buyers as it provides a natural and easy flow which allows buyers’ imaginations to run wild with how they can then customize their new home. Worried about what color to choose? Let us take the guesswork out of that as well. Our certified color experts can help identify the best paint colors to both complement your homes unique finishes and features AND appeal to today’s buyer.

I don’t have a budget for paint and staging? How can I make my home look its best?
Keep it clean and in good repair! The number one thing a buyer is looking for with a new home is the overall health of the home and how it has been cared for. Remove clutter so surfaces are visible, furnish rooms a bit sparsely so size is obvious, make beds, fold towels, replace lightbulbs, hide cords, and make sure the house is spic and span whenever buyers visit the home. These efforts will go a long way in showcasing the property’s potential.